Community Focus: Introduction

The Community Focus tag is used to identify blog posts that either highlight the board gaming and design community or Opie Games interaction in that community. Some posts will appear in the Game Design blog, some in the Game Industry blog, and some in the Gaming blog depending on the community discussed, but all will appear under the Community tag. Here is an example of the content you will find under this heading.

There are several, if not many, board game designers posting blogs about their games, ideas, design process, etc. I enjoy reading these blogs and will occasionally comment on them. (I would comment more, but I usually read these while riding my exercise bike or as I drift into la-la-land, so commenting is not convenient). Several of these blogs will appear over time in this blog under the Resource Focus heading and in the Resources list page. I sincerely hope you visit these sites and give them the attention they deserve. Additionally, if I find a particular post especially interesting or if I comment on a blog, I will mention it here also to widen the community conversation circle.