Community Focus: League of GameFakers

In a recent post on the League of GameMakers, Michael Domeny challenged his cohorts and readers to the “League of GameFakers” Game Title Challenge. The rules are as follows:

  1. Take the title of a board game.
  2. Remove any one letter.
  3. Replace it with a different letter to form a new title.
  4. Write a description and pitch your game in the comments below!

The gang at League of Gamemakers and their readers had many clever contributions that are worth reading. This was my entry:

Bending the rules a bit, I have replaced both occurrences of one letter to make: Scrapple: A Battle of Words.

Your mother always said, "You have to be good at something." Well in Scrapple you better be good with your mental dictionary, your manual dexterity, or both. Each player has a rack of 7 letter tiles. The first player forms a word on the table in front of him with the tiles about an inch apart and scores for the letters used and the length of the word. The next player can flick up to 2 tiles he doesn’t want across the table at the word. All tiles that collide are knocked out of the game. That player must then form a completely new word with the remaining tiles and any from his hand. He takes the tiles that were not used in the word into his rack, also taking a penalty for each, then draws back up to 7 tiles.