Game Design and Development: 2015 Preview

As stated in my other articles looking forward through 2015, I am not so interested in making New Years’ resolutions as setting some loose goals for the year. Keeping in step with 2014 here are a few:

Goal: Explore modern games and educate myself on game design. Although I have studied a significant number of games and mechanics in the last year, the study is one that can go on for some time.

Goal: Design some games. Develop some games. Here is the heart of what I need to concentrate on in 2015; taking some of the game designs I have started through to completion. Completion doesn’t necessarily mean publication, but readiness for it.

Goal: Develop a personal game design process. As mentioned in other articles, I am keen on improving and refining process as an intrinsic element of the process itself. This is a never ending endeavor; one is always gaining experience and hopefully learning for that experience.

Goal: Continue to explore the possibility of having a game published.

Goal: Continue to extend my personal identity in game design circles.

Goal: Continue to develop my brand and website related to game design.