Resource Focus: Board Game Hour

Board Game Hour is a little difficult to describe within my limited categories for resources. It is a weekly meet-up on Twitter to discuss board games and board game design. The meet-up is hosted on Nurph and moderated by the Minister of Board Games himself, Nate Brett. The “Hour” of interest is every Monday at: 7pm GMT (which I mention first since the Minister is in the UK). This translates to 2pm EST, 1pm CST, 12pm MST (which works great for me so I can join on my lunch hour), and 11am PST. Note: The time gets a little wonky at the time changes since the UK observes Daylight Savings Time differently than the US.

If you are not a social media junkie, the Twitter conversation can be like drinking from a fire hose (as what happens to me at times), but the dialog is recorded so there is plenty of opportunity to digest it later.

The mission of the Minister of Board Games is a simple one: (quoting from the website) “I am the Minister of Board Games and I love to promote the playing of board games. Thus facilitating the eventual taking over of the world by board gamers... That is all.”

Here are some links to keep up with this resource:

Minister of Board Games Homepage

BoardGameHour on Nurph (Nurph is routinely having problems, so the link has been removed)

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