Resource Focus: Building the Game Podcast

With the first two posts in this blog going to long-time veterans in the gaming and podcasting world and several others available, I am pleased to give the honor (such as it is) of posting #3 to Building the Game Podcast. All I have to do is listen to their latest podcast to be reminded of how much I appreciate the tenacity and courage of Rob Couch and Jason Slingerland to put their game design ideas on the line week in and week out.

Rob and Jason have been “Practicing the Pitch” for everyone to hear since spring 2012. Some of their pitches are pretty crazy, but they are “doing it right” by testing new ideas continually and sharing the experience through the process. When listening to their pitches I alternate between marveling at where a pitch is going (up, down, sideways) and wondering how they have read my mind. Beyond brainstorming, they test each other’s ideas and refine them through multiple iterations in a few minutes.

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