Community Focus: 2015 Preview

It is important for me and for Opie Games to be a supporter of the table top gaming community and we are always looking for opportunities. I don’t want to create a long list of goals for 2015, but have a few that are worth noting with some activities or approaches that will help me achieve them:

  • I will participate more with the gaming community face-to-face.
    • I have signed on with Double Exposure’s Envoy program to demo and teach games at conventions, stores and game groups. Hopefully, this program will provide the framework and incentive to get out more and to connect with other avid gamers.
  • I will provide more and more interesting information to the community through the Opie Games website.
    • I have several series of articles started that all have several articles of information to deliver, so there is no shortage of material for the website.
    • In addition to reporting on my own activities, I have started reporting on the industry which should provide more broadly interesting material.
  • I will continue to offer my assistance in playtesting and rules editing when possible.
    • Continue to watch for official opportunities.
    • Provide unexpected feedback when possible.
  • I will continue to support podcasters and other contributors to the community financially and with attention through the Opie Games website and social media.
  •  will continue to participate in social media related to table top gaming, but am not interested in expanding this involvement – it is consuming.
    • Board Game Hour every Monday is an excellent chance to participate, but it interferes with my work sometimes. I will continue to try to attend and to be a productive contributor to the conversation.