Resource Focus: Jamey Stegmaier

Of the game design and development resources I have highlighted so far, this is the first that is a person rather than a brand. This is done with no intended slight to those highlighted previously; there are real people behind each one of them and in all cases a very small number of people (usually 2-4) behind each. What makes this case special is when I set out to write up this mention, I was at a loss to describe it in any way other than as Jamey himself.

Jamey Stegmaier is half (the most visible half) of Stonemaier Games – the other business partner being Alan Stone. At this writing Stonemaier Games has published Viticulture, Euphoria, Tuscany (a Viticulture expansion), and a “Treasure Chest” of fantastic bits to bling out your games. These are all high production quality, engaging, and enjoyable games, but the games are not the reason to mention Jamey here.

What makes Jamey special (at least a few obvious things) is his openness with everything that he is doing and his desire and consistency to share it all through every outlet available to him. There are others who are more accomplished and more knowledgeable in areas that Jamey shares; Seth Godin probably has a larger tribe, Richard Bliss probably knows more about crowd funding in general, any number of game designers and publishers have produced more, and there are BGG forum contributors who have posted more, but Jamey has caringly contributed to the intersection of these while amassing a significant tribe.

Although Jamey Stegmaier only broke on the scene in the last few years, he is a force to follow in board game design and publishing.

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