2015 Preview - Planning Plays

As mentioned in the 2014 Review: Playin’ Games, I have not previously committed to a gaming goal in the past. I am not one much for New Years’ resolutions – they typically disappoint – but at the same time understand the need to set goals periodically. I just try to set shorter term goals more regularly than annually. I might be disappointed more frequently, but at least none of those missed goals are major. So without setting specific goals for playing games in 2015, here are a few of my desired outcomes and some ideas about making them happen:

  • Play more of the medium to heavy games in my library and on my wish list.
    • Participate in another game group that plays these games.
    • Go to the local conventions Genghis Con and TactiCon and play what is available.
  • Play more of the games that I haven’t played yet, generally.
    • Participate in another game group that plays these games.
    • Allow more time for a single play of a new game over a well-known one.
  • Play with more people (gamers and novices).
    • Participating in another game group and attending the local conventions will help here as well.
    • Keep a few light games in my car and/or in my laptop bag for impromptu gaming.
  • Review 2015 as I have 2014 and see if I have grown as a gamer:
    • Know more games.
    • Know more difficult games.
    • Taught more and more difficult games.