Resource Focus: The Dice Tower

The Dice Tower website, podcast, and anything you can think of to promote the board game hobby is the brain child of Tom Vasel. It is unlikely that you have found Opie Games without already being very familiar with the Dice Tower, but here is a quick breakdown. Eric Summerer has joined Tom as producer of the podcast and there are many contributors to the site and the web presence that is The Dice Tower. Tom and company produce an amazing amount of game related content every week.

This is an excellent resource for many needs, particularly for game reviews by a variety of reviewers with different perspectives. In addition to Tom and Eric, regular contributors include: Barry Doublet, Game Boy Geek, Ryan Metzler, Sam Healy, The Chief, Zee Garcia, and several new contributors.

Dice Tower News also has its own web presence and regular podcasts. At the time of this writing, there are three different, short podcasts hosted separately by Joseph Barber (Monday), Elliott Miller (Wednesday), and Paul Owen (Friday). These are entertaining and informative for those who want regular industry inside information.

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