BoardGameHour Digest (05-01-15): Business Games

BoardGameHour Questions
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Q1: Do you like games about business at the start of this hour?
Q2: What do you like about business games?
Q3: What don't you like about business games?
Q3.5: is it fair to say that people would prefer business games with a sci-fi / fantasy twist?
Q4: What is the best game about medieval businesses?
Q5: Do you think board games can really model business? Could they be used to teach business?
Q6: Do you like trading games? which is the best?
Q7: Are there any games the really do stocks and shares well?
Q8: Which is the best game based on modern business?
Q9: Is business a good choice of theme? Are there any businesses that you think would make an interesting theme?
Q10: How do you feel about business games now?
Q11: Last ten minutes.. What would you like to ask?