BoardGameHour Digest (19-01-15): Diversity in Board Gaming

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Q1: What areas of board gaming (themes, players, mechanics, artwork, industry) do you feel needs more diversity the most?
Q2: What sort of diversity would you like more of, moral, cultural, racial, gender, sexuality, other?
Q3: Should diversity take priority over authenticity when in comes to theme and game play?
Q4: Do you feel diversity within who players board games is getting better?
Q5: Do you want more female characters in game? would you like more realistic looking female characters/drawings?
Q5.5: who do we make publishers see that they are holding the hobby back with there lack of diversity in games?
Q6: Should sexuality be expressed in board games? Should it be more diverse?
Q6.1: Would love letter have done so well if you had to get a letter to the Prince, not the princess?
Q7: Should artwork be more representative of diversity? what games do this well?
Q8: If there is a lack of diversity in a game does it influence your potential purchase?
Q9: Can an answer to a lot of these issues be found in the mainly middle aged, white, male industry?
Q9.5: WHY is the hobby mainly middle-aged, white males?
Q10: What can be done to address some of these diversity issues?
Q11: What games do you feel have handled diversity well? Which haven't?
Q12: anything else we should have touched on?
Q13: In historical games, should prejudice just be ignored? Can games be accurate while also respectful?