Game Makeover: Nines – Glossary


In addition to the standard card playing terms, I have derived a few new ones for this makeover. Not all are used right away, but I will keep a running glossary in a separate post that can be referenced at any time. This may look like a lot of terminology for a simple game, but it is intended to be used intuitively. Defining terms helps that happen.

  • Action: Specifically, the action described on an Action Card.
  • Action Card: A card that describes an Action on it.
    • Collection Actions: Actions that involve Clock Cards in that player’s 3 x 3 grid.
    • Card Actions: Actions that involve drawing and discarding cards.
    • Interactive Actions: Actions that can involve another player's 3 x 3 grid.
  • Action Space: The space below the grid where unused Action Cards are kept.
  • Cabinet: The thematic reference to the 3 x 3 grid or Complete Collection.
  • Clock Card: Any of the cards that have a clock on them and are used in collections.
  • Clock Type: The type of clock (effectively, suit and corresponding color) depicted on a Clock Card.
  • Collection: Any row of 3 Clock Cards that have the same point/time value.
  • Complete Collection: The 3 x 3 grid of Clock Cards.
  • Key/Key Card: Any Clock Card that also has a key on it.
  • Lock(ed): A row in the 3 x 3 grid that has been locked with a Lock Card.
  • Lock Card: A card that depicts a lock and is used to lock a row.
  • Lock Space: The space to the immediate left of the grid where Locks are placed.
  • Revealed: A card in the grid that is face up.
  • Reveal(ing): Turning a Clock Card in the grid face up.
  • Set: Any row or column of 3 Clock Cards that have the same Clock Type/color/suit.
  • Shelf: The thematic reference to the rows in the grid.
  • Time/Value/Points: All refer to the point value of the Clock Card indicated by the time on the clock.
  • Unrevealed: A Clock Card in the grid that is face down.
  • Used/Unused: An Action Card that has / has not been used for its Action.