Mechanics Makeover: Dice in a Cup – Glossary


In addition to the standard dice game terms, I have derived a few new ones for this makeover and for use in the Challenge Dice game. Not all are used right away, but this way the glossary can be referenced at any time. This may look like a lot of terminology for a simple game, but it is intended to be used intuitively. Defining terms helps that happen.

Challenge (Round): A turn where 1 player acts as Challenger and a final score is settled.

Challenge Roll: The result of the Challenger rolling the Challenge dice to determine the rules of that round.

Challenge Rules (Dice): The collection of rules created by the Challenge Roll.

Challenger: Indicates the player whose turn it is.

Clear Winner: When a roller wins a round without having to resolve the winner by tiebreaker.

Complete Round: When players have completed 1 Challenge Round as Challenger.

Concealed (Roll): Rollers roll the dice in secret and keep them concealed until resolving a winner.

Defender(s): Indicates the player(s) who has been challenged by the Challenger.

Final Tiebreaker: Compare total on Trash Dice according to the Challenge Goal: Big - Highest total wins. Little - Lowest total wins.

First/Lead Roller: The first player to roll the dice in a Challenge (according to the First Roller die.

Hand: The collection of dice used for scoring a round.

House Rules: There are many suggested rule variations and players can devise their own.

Natural: When a player's scoring dice include no wilds.

Rollers: Indicates the players involved in a particular Challenge (Challenger and all Defenders).

Scoop Foul: When a player scoops up her/his dice before fully scored.

Scoring Dice: Dice that have been collected for scoring the round.

Trash (Dice): Dice that were rolled, but were not used in scoring a hand.

Victory Point (VP): Earned for winning a round. Standard game is to 6 VPs.