Frequently Asked Questions - Website

Your site is pretty plain which might be an indication that you could use some graphic design help.

You ain't a-kiddin'.

We are always open to collaborating with those who are more graphically inclined.

Use the contact form on the website to let us know your interest or email directly.


We are always interested in collaborating with game designers and people with other game related interests.

Contact John Parker through the website contact form or emailing directly at

Yes! Please do!

There is a link at the bottom left of each blog or article called "Add new comment." If you click this link a comment form will appear. If you are registered with the site, your comments will be published immediately, but you do not have to be registered to be able to comment.  

If you have not registered, we will have to approve your comments before they are displayed for everyone. This is to ensure that you are not a robot or someone abusing the site. We will not filter comments provided unless they are deemed to be abusive or offensive. We may redact offensive language to keep the principle comment. 

Please make your opinions known.

There are several ways to subscribe to Opie Games content. You can:

Setup an RSS feed by clicking on the little orange icon in the bottom left corner of most pages or by copy-paste of the link HERE. With an RSS feed you will receive notifications of all new site content in html format.

Setup a specific subscription based on a particular subject or section of the site. At this time, you must be registered with the site to use this type of subscription. Most content will have a "Subscribe" link at the bottom (next to the "Add new comment" link) that will give you subscription options. You can also manage all your subscriptions by going to your account information and clicking on the Subscriptions tab.

Hopefully, you will find the content here not only worth reading, but worth receiving in your inbox.