Resource Focus: On Board Games

One of the first podcasts that I got hooked on was On Board Games with Donald Dennis, Erik Dewey, and at the time, the venerable Scott Nicholson. The trio provided three different perspectives on board games, game design, and the hobby game industry. Unfortunately, Scott has moved on, but Donald and Erik continue to provide different insights and opinions into the hobby. They also provide regular game reviews with their simple and reliable stoplight recommendation.

They often have guests that add to the perspective and conduct interviews that get to the heart of what is interesting in the industry.

The show routinely lives up to its lead-in, “…where game industry veterans talk about the board and card gaming hobby while exploring topics of interest to gamers, designers, and publishers.” They are real pros in the podcasting world; providing regular shows since spring 2007!

A Crowd Funding Edition has been added recently that brings in Isaac Shalev as cohost.

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