Hobby Game Trends 2000-2014 Round 10: Themes

Categories Focus: Themes

We have already looked at a few genres; those related to economic games and social deduction games. Let’s take a look at a few others that are thematic based and may be interesting. One that I know many gamers would love to see is “Zombie games,” but there are many other themes that gamers feel have been either over-used or under appreciated. We’ll take a look at a broad list of themes in this round.

At a Glance

A glance is all we are really going to take in this round. I’ll provide the basic chart showing releases of games of a particular theme as a percent of Study Games for each theme and leave the interpretation to you. Remembe, Study Games are all titles in the BGG database excluding: Children's Games, Mature/Adult Games, Fan Expansions, Books, and the Roll/Spin and Move Mechanic.

The Data




Hopefully, this data is helpful to you and gives insight into a theme that interests you. In all cases, consider this data to be a starting space for your discovery on a particular topic.