Resource Focus: Low Player Count Podcast

The Low Player Count Podcast  is mostly a discussion about games and the experience playing them at (wait for it) low player counts – solo and two players. This includes games that are specifically designed for 1-2 players, games that are listed for player count ranges that include 1 or 2 players, and games that can be scaled down with variants. While they do some reviews of games as well, their focus is more general about what makes games good and particularly what makes them good at low player counts.

Since my primary game group is my wife and I, 2 players is my most common game experience. So this podcast is a great resource to me. Although it is not my preferred gaming scenario, I do play solo occasionally, too, so advice on solo options is greatly appreciated.

Depending on your experience, you might think that games geared for 1-2 players are all light, or abstracts, or heavy war simulations. Actually, they are all of these and everything in between and Low Player Count covers them all.

The Low Player Count Podcast may cater to a niche within a niche, but their discussions are generally applicable as well. The variety of opinions and preferences of the principal podcasters, Donny, Shawn, and Travis, creates thoughtful discussions. They are also active on Twitter (@lowplayercount) and have successfully tied up “lowplayercount” across social media, so read, listen to, and follow them.

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It has been a while since I posted a resource focus, but I was prompted by the interactivity of Low Player Count. Many podcasts try to involve their listeners and some deliver better than others. Low Player Count is active in their guild and deserve a shout out.

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I will try to catch up on these posts. Certainly another that is overdue is Heavy Cardboard.