Opie Games: 2015 Preview

The easiest statement about what Opie Games has planned for 2015 is, “more of what we did in 2014.” Obviously, generally I would like to do everything better, too. A few, more exact, 2015 objectives are:

  • Maintain or exceed the pace set in late 2014 throughout 2015. That looks like:
    • At least 1 Design Notebook entry per week.
    • At least 2 blog posts per week (and increase to 5).
      • I like Jamey Stegmaier’s model to blog every day, but also need to keep my goal realistic for me.
    • More critical analysis of game designs, mechanics, and industry.
  • Present more game designs. While other objectives have disrupted the game design process, some has still been going on. However, the presentation of that progress has been impacted even more.
  • Develop the Opie Games identity and establish John Parker as a trusted contributor to any project.
  • Develop the Opie Games brand, which then can drive the Opie Games website theme.